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Mark Amodei Once Again Shows His Disdain for Women

RENO, NV -- Clint Koble, Democratic candidate for Congressional District 2 voiced his disappointment today at Representative Mark Amodei’s dismissive comments towards women and their health care needs. 

At a veterans' health care event last week, a woman veteran asked an important question about access to mammograms. Instead of listening and engaging with her question, Representative Mark Amodei walked over to make a crude "joke" to a man in the audience: “[Y]ou just came because you wanted to hear all the mammogram questions, didn't you?"

Amodei then walked away smirking.

This kind of dismissive approach to the real health care concerns of women is a problem. It's what happens in DC where Representative Amodei has repeatedly voted to defund Planned Parenthood—an organization that provides life-saving screenings for thousands of Nevada women—and to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which ensures employers cover birth control and that being a woman can't be treated as a preexisting condition.

“I’m appalled that our congressman would be this disrespectful to any woman asking questions about her health care, let alone a veteran,” said Koble. “Amodei’s tone deaf ‘joke’ would be bad enough, but he’s even worse when it comes to policy: we can’t forget  his vote for Donald Trump’s disastrous health care bill, and how he put party loyalty ahead of the health of his constituents.

“Yesterday I was at the Rally For Roe, lending my support to the women standing up to this administration’s attacks on their right to make their own health care decisions. It’s time Nevadans in this district have a representative who will listen to them and take women’s health care seriously,” Koble added.

“This is right in line with Rep. Amodei’s history of opposition to women’s reproductive freedom, and his lack of respect for his constituents,” said Gabriel di Chiara, Koble’s campaign manager. “We know that Mr. Amodei isn’t the biggest fan of appearing in public, but you’d think he could make it through one meeting with veterans without making a sexist joke.”

Clint Koble