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Koble Statement On Trump Administration Seeking To Detain Minors Indefinitely

RENO, NV -- The Trump Administration today began the process of withdrawing from the Flores agreement, a federal consent decree that specifies how migrant children are treated pending immigration hearings, and for how long they can be detained. 

“I’m appalled that Trump and his administration would even consider pulling out of the Flores agreement,” said Clint Koble, Democratic candidate for Nevada’s Congressional District 2.  “They’re exiting an agreement entered into in 1997 that was intended to protect migrant children. Trump’s new plan would allow children to be held in unlicensed state facilities indefinitely - that’s clearly unacceptable. They’re calling the protections ‘loopholes.’ I don’t think it’s a loophole to take care of children. 

  “I believe a nation is judged by how we treat our children and the less fortunate among us,” said Koble.  “The world is watching as we imprison children in cages while Trump and his allies play golf at Trump’s courses.  This is not the America I want my grandchildren to inherit, or the America any child deserves. I strongly oppose this decision and as a member of Congress will work tirelessly until we have comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”

Clint Koble