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Rep. Amodei Runs Away From Record In Interview

RENO, NV -- It's an election year and former Trump for President Nevada Campaign Chair Representative Mark Amodei is now trying to run from the out-of-touch positions he takes in Washington D.C. In an interview with the Nevada Independent, NV-02 Rep. Amodei tried repeatedly to distance himself from his record in Congress, including his support for the Trump administration's agenda. 

Clint Koble, Democratic candidate for NV-02, issued the following statement:

"Rep. Amodei can run away from an unpopular president in an election year all he wants. But actions matter, and the record shows he votes with President Trump an incredible 98.9% of the time. That isnt listening to Nevadans, it isn't putting people first, and it isn't leadership."

"He voted time and time again to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, putting the healthcare of tens of thousands of Nevadans at risk. No matter how he tries to justify it now, he has to answer for those votes because undermining the ACA will be devastating for so many families."

"In addition he voted for Donald Trump's massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and giant corporations. The kinds of big businesses and special interest groups that fund his campaign now pay billions less in taxes while the deficit rises and the middle class is left holding the bill. He has done nothing to oppose the President's harmful tariffs, failing to stand up for Nevada's farmers and ranchers who will be hurt."

Koble's campaign manager Gabriel di Chiara added, "For Rep. Amodei, who goes out of his way to avoid the spotlight at all costs, to suddenly sit down and run from his actual record shows just how scared the GOP is of a blue wave in 2018. There's only one candidate who will work hard to put Nevadans first instead of giving them lip service, and that's Clint Koble. Rep. Amodei is clearly eyeing his next promotion from Congress and eager to move on. We're happy to oblige and elect a representative actually focused on NV—02."

Gabriel di chiara