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Nevada's Farmers Want Trade, Not Aid

RENO, NV --  Clint Koble, Democratic candidate for Northern Nevada’s Congressional District 2, issued a statement in response to the Trump administration’s $12 billion farmer subsidy plan. “The administration’s ill-conceived trade policies have resulted in billions of dollars in lost agricultural sales, and now taxpayers are on the hook for billions more," said Koble.

“American farms are among the most productive in the world and rely on international trade to thrive. The President’s policies mean severely reduced prices, and the inability of farmers to meet their financial commitments. With equipment costs already rising due to tariffs on steel and aluminium, this is a double-whammy on those who deserve it least. I've worked with farmers and ranchers across Nevada for years, and I know: farmers want trade, not aid."

“The President can say ‘Make Our Farmers Great Again’ all he wants, this bailout is only happening because the President plays political games with our nation's economy ,” added Koble's campaign manager, Gabriel di Chiara. "If even Trump's campaign chairman and rubber stamp Rep. Amodei has 'concerns' about these tariffs, it's clear something is very wrong."

Koble, appointed by President Obama, served as State Executive Director for the USDA Farm Service Agency. He earlier served as Executive Director of the Nevada Rural Development Council and presently works part-time for the Nevada Small Business Development Center, helping create jobs and small businesses throughout rural Nevada.     

Clint Koble