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Clint Koble Decries Trump Administration Treatment of Immigrant Children

Reno, NV.—

Clint Koble, a Democratic primary candidate for Congressional District 2 today called out the Trump administration for separating children from their parents at the United States’ southern border.

“Not only is the Trump administration separating families, Senator Jeff Merkley reports seeing children warehoused in metal cages.  Not only did I never think I’d see an America in which a president would order this sort of treatment for children, but I’m appalled that Congress has remained silent,” said Koble.  “How much is enough? How much cruel treatment will we tolerate? And why was Senator Merkley denied entry to some of these facilities?” said Koble. “I think a nation is judged by how we treat our children and others unable to defend themselves.  This is a black mark on the history of this nation.”

Clint Koble was appointed by President Obama as State Executive Director of the U. S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency, a position he held for nearly 8 years.  He earlier served as Executive Director of the Nevada Rural Development Council and presently works part-time for the Nevada Small Business Development Center, creating jobs and small businesses throughout rural Nevada.

Clint Koble