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Statement on Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

Reno: Clint Koble, Democratic candidate for Congressional District 2, today voiced strong objections to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the Iran Nuclear Deal.

“I believe President Trump acted recklessly in withdrawing from a painstakingly negotiated agreement, leaving our allies again picking up the pieces, and leaving our only ally in that region, Israel in greater jeopardy as a conflict between the two entities already exists” said Koble.  “I’m genuinely concerned that America’s credibility on the world stage has been seriously eroded by this precipitous, unilateral decision on the president’s part.

“Trump’s behavior is inexplicable, especially as the administration embarks on efforts to negotiate with North Korea.  How can the US be trusted as a negotiator when we walk away from agreements?

“Defense Secretary Mattis as recently as two weeks ago told Congress he believed the agreement was in the United States’ security interest.  Once again, Trump has ignored the experts and acted rashly,” said Koble.

Congressman Mark Amodei, the incumbent congressman for Congressional District 2, has thus far remained silent on the US withdrawal from the pact.


Clint Koble