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Trump Tariffs on Canadian Lumber a Bad Idea

Reno: Clint Koble, a Democratic candidate for northern Nevada’s Congressional District 2, today spoke out against the Trump administration’s tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber imports.  “Tariffs enacted by Washington are having a massive impact on prospective home buyers in Nevada,” said Koble.  According to the Builders’ Association of Northern Nevada (BANN), the tariffs on Canadian lumber have increased the cost of a single-family home by nearly $6400 and the cost of each multi-family unit by $2400. 

“At a time when families are already being priced out of the home-buying market, this is an added, unnecessary impediment to home-ownership.  BANN estimates each $1000 increase in the cost of a home now prices 2077 Nevada families out of the market; 348 in Washoe County,” Koble added.  “Lack of affordable housing is a huge issue now in Northern Nevada as the area struggles to accommodate the area’s industrial growth.  One fear is that some builders may halt projects because of higher prices paired with concerns over a tight labor market. Congress should express opposition to this ill-thought-out program  to which I’m strongly opposed.”

Clint Koble