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President Barack Obama Today Announced His Endorsement of Clint Koble, Democratic Candidate for Northern Nevada’s Congressional District 2

Reno, NV. October 1, 2018
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President Barack Obama today announced his endorsement of Clint Koble (D), who is running to unseat Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign chair Mark Amodei in Northern Nevada’s Congressional District 2.  In announcing this round of endorsements, President Obama said he was supporting candidates who “. . .aren’t just running against something, but for something. They’re running to expand opportunity and restore the honor and compassion that should be the essence of public service.”

“I’m immensely honored to be endorsed by President Obama,” said Koble.  “Having worked in his administration as state director for the USDA Farm Services Agency, I share President Obama’s devotion to public service, to quality, affordable healthcare, to guaranteeing the Medicare and Social Security are there for retirees.

“I strongly support women like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who came forward to report on her experience with Brett Kavanaugh and all those other women who are now coming out of the shadows to share their stories and their pain.

“I’m committed to a woman’s right to choose, a strong, well-funded public education system, wage parity, and making certain that public lands stay public. I believe that immigrant families should be able to live in our communities without fear and that they should have a path to citizenship,” said Mr. Koble.  “Again, my sincere thanks go out to President Obama for his endorsement. I’m very moved and honored.”

Clint Koble