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Farmers Feel Double Whammy From Trump’s Trade, Immigration Trade Policies

Reno: Clint Koble, Democratic candidate running in Nevada’s Congressional District 2 to replace Congressman Mark Amodei in November, today criticized the Trump administration’s trade and immigration policies and their impacts on American farmers.

“I’m an advocate of free and fair trade,” said Koble, “and I believe China should play by the rules. But our targeting of Chinese products has resulted in severe hardships to America’s agricultural producers and caused uncertainty in the stock market. Farmers play by the rules, but many are exasperated by the retaliatory and erratic policies of this administration.”

The American Farm Bureau on April 4 voiced its concerns with the administration’s trade policies, claiming the tariff proposal and China’s reaction to it are testing the optimism and patience of America’s farmers and calling for an end to the trade wars. “Growing trade disputes have placed farmers and ranchers in a precarious position. We have bills to pay and debts we must settle, and cannot afford to lose any market, much less one as important as China’s,” said American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall.

“And in California, crops are rotting in the fields as U. S. immigration policies restrict the numbers of workers available to harvest them,” said Koble. “According to Fortune, farmers in two California counties alone have already lost $13 million. I expect Nevada farmers will experience similar problems during harvest.”

Chinese tariffs on agricultural products are in response to the Trump administration’s ratcheting up of penalties on Chinese products.

Clint Koble