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12,800 Children Detained in Shelters, An “Explosion,” Up Five-Fold From 2017. “Where’s Mark Amodei’s Sense of Outrage?” asks CD 2 Candidate Clint Koble

Reno, NV. September 13, 2018
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“Why hasn’t Mark Amodei spoken out?” asks Clint Koble, Democratic candidate in Northern Nevada’s Congressional District 2, referring to today’s New York Times report of an “explosion” of the number of children incarcerated in border states. The Times reports 12,800 children are being detained, a more than four-fold increase from 2,400 in May 2017.

“This isn’t due to an increase in children crossing the border, it’s because these kids aren’t being released to live with families and sponsors as has been done in the past,” said Koble. “The government isn’t doing its job and these children are suffering. Families are reluctant to come forward to sponsor children because of the red tape and fear of immigration officials.

“Trump’s response is to increase the size of a ‘tent city’ in Texas despite the harsh conditions and high cost of nearly $750 per day! That’s inhumane and fiscally irresponsible!

“This is unconscionable, and someone needs to hold these officials accountable.  According to the Times, the information has been given to Congress. But where’s Mark Amodei?  Where’s his sense of outrage? Once again, he’s silent when he should be taking Trump and the administration to task.  Once again, he’s missing in action. In the past, he’s blamed Congressional leadership for lack of action, when he’s in the majority in Congress!

“I say it’s time Nevada voters bring Amodei home,” said Koble.

Clint Koble