Clint Koble for Congress

On the Issues

On the Issues


Health Care

Millions of Americans still lack health care, and tens of thousands more stand to lose their insurance due to GOP attacks.  We need to solve this problem by strengthening the ACA, not dismantling it with no replacement.  The Medicaid expansion must be protected, and the Medicare budget must not be slashed.

Economic Inequality

The wealth gap is the largest in history and is growing daily.  Improving economic health for average Americans is not impossible – it just takes political will. The Trump Administration's harmful tax bill has not benefited workers, and its worst provisions should be reversed.

Collective bargaining is a First Amendment right, and should be protected.

Campaign Finance

We need to get big money out of politics. Corporations are not people, and Clint stands staunchly against the Citizen's United decision. A reasonable starting point is full disclosure of political donations to dark money groups.

Good governance

Government must be accountable, efficient, transparent, and live within its means.

Public Lands

Nevada's beautiful public lands must be protected, whether from being sold to the highest bidder, from the harmful impact of pollution or from the Trump administration's reckless loosening of environmental regulations.


We must adequately fund public education in this country, and make sure all students receive the same opportunity. This means keeping public dollars in public education, and protecting students of color and students with disabilities from harmful regulatory rollbacks.

Rural Nevada

Clint is committed to finding paths forward on the many issues faced by rural Nevada, including looming water shortages, a lack of reliable broadband service, and the need for a farm bill that will benefit farmers, ranchers, Tribes and rural communities while protecting Nevada's natural resources.

Veterans Services

Our nation’s veterans have sacrificed much to protect and defend this country. They deserve to receive services in a compassionate and efficient manner.

Gun Reform

Clint supports common sense gun safety legislation, including instant background checks of all gun sales.

Renewable Energy

Nevada has the potential to be a nationwide leader in clean energy. The Initiative to Promote Renewable Energy is an important step in building our renewable energy economy, and must be passed. Question 3 would hurt average Nevada ratepayers and should not go forward.


For too long politicians have talked about investing in our infrastructure without following through. Nevada's residents deserve well-maintained roads, bridges, and transportation systems.


We need comprehensive immigration reform as soon as possible. Separating children from their parents at the border is morally indefensible. Congress should immediately halt this practice, and re-institute the DACA program.

Women's health

Women should have access to quality, convenient, affordable health care. Clint respects a woman’s right to choose; he supports Roe v Wade, and would oppose its overturning. Planned Parenthood does tremendous work for women's health, and should not be defunded.

Yucca Mountain

Clint steadfastly and vocally opposes the storage of nuclear waste in Nevada.