Clint Koble for Congress





“There are many issues that workers face throughout the State of Nevada today. Whether it's maintaining prevailing wages, our collective bargaining statutes, the workers compensation laws, or the rising health care and pharmaceutical costs our members have many concerns. It seems that every day Nevada's workers and their

families are being faced with issues that will impact their lives both at work and at home. Nevada's working families need elected officials that will stand up for them and work on their behalf.

The Nevada State AFL-CIO represents working people from an extremely wide variety of occupations. Our members come from the building trades, the service trades, and the public employee sector and we have over 145,000 members throughout the state of Nevada.

Because of the support you have shown in the past or expressed to our members, the Nevada State AFL-CIO is proud to endorse your candidacy for election to the office of United States House of Representatives, District 2. Your continued support will be of extreme value in the future.”


"It's long past time that workers and middle class Nevadans from rural and northern Nevada had a representative in Washington representing workers and the middle class instead of carving out sweetheart deals for billionaires and special interests.  Clint Koble is that candidate for northern and rural Nevada, and AFSCME stands behind him 100%."


The nation's largest federal employee union, the American Federation of Government Employees, has endorsed Clint Koble for election to Congress representing the 2nd District of Nevada.

"As a presidential appointee during the Obama administration, Clint Koble spent nearly eight years helping Nevada's farmers and ranchers survive droughts, overcome economic hardships, and grow their family businesses," McCubbin said. "Clint Koble is the right candidate to send to Washington to fight for all of Nevada's working-class families."

Frankie Sue DelPapa - Former Nevada Attorney General

"Clint has the right mix of experience, energy and enthusiasm to represent Nevada in Congress. His understanding of the problems that face our state coupled with common sense solutions makes him uniquely qualified."

Marcia Litsinger - Owner, Churchill Butte Organics

"As many of you know, I worked alongside Clint Koble in the FSA for over 7 years and then an additional year as the Chair of Basin and Range Organics. With Clint’s help we put together a local certifying agency to benefit our local certified organic farmers.

I know first hand what Clint’s hard work did for the FSA and how much time he put in to help the farmers and ranchers in Nevada.

Clint appointed me as the first organic farmer to be on the State Committee. Clint exemplified in his work, his integrity and work ethic as the State executive Director of the Farm Service Agency during the Obama administration. I knew that  when Clint traveled to Washington he took my issues and concerns with him. 

Clint is the Democrat who can beat Mark Amodei and turn CD2 blue for the first time in 37 years!"

Mary Conelly - Former State Director for Senator Harry Reid

"It is my pleasure to endorse Clint Koble for the Congressional District 2 Seat. This seat is special to Northern Nevada and Washoe County and we have an incredible opportunity to send a Democrat to Washington DC. Clint brings a special set of skills to this job having spent time working on urban and rural issues. His experience and expertise is exactly what we need and I am honored to give him my full support."

David Mitchell - Associate Research Professor, Desert Research Institute,  Division of Atmospheric Sciences

"Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to inform me about your campaign. I really think you are the kind of person that can bring about the kind of change and healing that is needed in our country now. When we were talking in my office, this verse from the Bhagavad Gita came to mind, which is essentially “Your right is to the action but not the fruits thereof”. This captured the feeling I was having, which is what really matters is doing what you feel is right, regardless of the outcome. I wanted to support your campaign not because I want you to win the election (although that would be great of course), but because I feel you are the kind of person that this country needs now, and by getting involved and working with many different types of people, everyone will gain from this experience and slowly but surely, the world will become a better place."

Dave Mulligan - TV Producer, Author Mulligan's Wake

"I wholeheartedly and without reservation do hereby endorse Clint Koble for Congress! He’s the best man for the job and has a great chance to defeat Mark Amodei, who was Trump’s campaign director in Nevada and is also bought-and-paid-for by the NRA. Please join me in supporting Clint. "

Patricia Ackerman - Candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 39

“Clint knows the problems we face in this state. I believe he can bridge differences and solve the tough issues. He's passionate. He's genuine. He's "every guy" USA so he gets the needs and hurts of the poor and the middle class. And he LISTENS.”

Jeanette Strong - Nevada Press Association Award-Winning Columnist

"Too many Republicans refuse to vote for a Democrat due to several misconceptions, including the lies that Democrats want to confiscate everyone's guns and Democrats don't understand the problems of "real" Americans. Clint Koble is proof that these beliefs are false. He knows the problems faced by Northern Nevadans, he has already been working hard to solve these problems, and he will be an informed and bold representative for us in Washington, D.C. He deserves a chance."

Kathleen Watty - Retired Washoe County School District Teacher/Administrator

"I'm endorsing Clint Koble for Congressional District #2 because he will bring the requisite knowledge and governance lacking in this office for the past 37 years. As a Lifelong Democrat, he will bring his experience from rural and urban communities to champion Democratic values in promoting continued support for public education. I know he will fight to ensure every voice is heard."

Catherine Cole - Former member of Humboldt County Regional Planning Commission and Chair of Humboldt County Workforce Housing Committee

“I was introduced to Clint in 2006. He was then the Executive Director of Nevada Rural Housing Commission. Clint's commitment to community and the greater good for all was evident then as it is now. Further, Clint has a unique talent for networking, gathering and creating common unity with folks when it comes to identifying, addressing and improving societal issues. Clint's high integrity is consistent. His empathy toward others is second to none. Clint's great character and 'can do, will do' drive transcends all political parties and lines- whether you are a city dweller or a rancher in rural Nevada. For these reasons and many more I strongly urge everyone to vote in the 2018 Mid-term election and vote for Clint Koble!”

Mylan Hawkins - Retired Executive Director & Founder Nevada/California Diabetes Association

“I am supporting Clint because he understands the issues that concern me had has the ability to work collaboratively with others to get things done in Congress. He has proven himself to be able to meet the needs and address the concerns of farmers, ranchers, and small business in Nevada. I want to see healthcare at an affordable rate for all. I want our public lands preserved here in Nevada and across the America and I want our air and water safe for my grandchildren and all future generation. For this and much more, I know Clint will stand up for us in Congress and work to build the bridges that will meet the needs not just of Nevada's but all who live America.”

Bob Etheridge - U.S. Congressman, North Carolina

"Clint did an outstanding job working for Nevada as Executive Director of FSA/USDA and i am sure he will be an outstanding Congressman representing the 2nd District in Nevada."

Sarah Adler - Former State Director, USDA Rural Development

“I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Clint for nearly 8 years as Obama appointees at USDA.  His commitment to making the federal government work for agricultural producers, rural and Native American, was matched only by his follow through.  Every day for a Clint is a day he can make the federal government more effective for Nevadans. 

Stephen and Marcia Litsinger - Founders, Basin and Range Organics

“We have known and worked closely with Clint Koble for 8 years. Clint is a very hard working compassionate man who thinks of the taxpayer when he makes decisions,all the while taking into consideration the rights of all living things.

A very competent manager who oversaw the USDA Farm Service Agency in Nevada and it's many employees, never losing sight of the  farmers and ranchers who needed help with emergency funding during the prolonged drought and many fires. Whether large or small all are equal in Clints mind.

We endorse Clint Koble in his run for congress.”

Wendell Newman - Former Presidential Appointee under Bill Clinton for USDA

“I will be voting for Clint Koble because of his common-sense approach to problem solving and his knowledge of how our federal government operates.  And he’s not just looking for a job – he cares about Nevadans.” 

Joyce Newman - Lobbyist and Democratic Activist

“Clint Koble is honorable, he listens to people and wants to take their concerns to Washington.  He truly intends to put partisanship aside to develop real solutions to problems facing rural and urban Nevadans.  He’s a good man.”

Steven R. Lewis - Ed.D., Extension Educator

"Clint Koble genuinely has the best interest of people and communities in this great state of Nevada. His extraordinary work ethic has served us well over the years within the USDA Farm Service Agency and the Nevada Rural Development Council. This guy is a doer with heart and tenacity!" 

Bob Peters - Owner Bridgeport Inn, Board of Directors, National Forest Homeowners, Former Board of Supervisors, Mono County, California

“Clint Koble is a great choice for the U.S. Congress. I worked with Clint on many local community issues during his years in Bridgeport, California managing the Lower Twin Lakes Resort. He is thoughtful, creative, and hard working.”

Lynne E. Keller - Executive Director, Opportunity Alliance Nevada

“As Executive Director of Opportunity Alliance Nevada, I believe Clint Koble will be a strong, honest and responsible representative in the Congress who will stand up for the rights of all Nevadans which aligns with the mission and vision of our organization.  Mission:  to build financial stability for all Nevadans.  Vision:  Nevadans are confident to make positive, informed decisions about their money that leads to increased assets and community well-being.  He is not afraid to put in the time and effort necessary to accomplish the goals of his constituents.”

Val Dolcini - Former Administrator of the Farm Service Agency of the USDA

“Clint worked hard to be an advocate for all of Nevada's farmers and ranchers.  He delivered disaster programs, low-interest loans, conservation grants, and wide-ranging assistance for rural Nevadans, and through his leadership, his team provided outreach that led to record program signups by Native American producers.  He also promoted civil rights training and expanded opportunities for USDA employees and customers.  Just as Clint did his best to represent Nevada producers at the USDA, he will be an excellent Representative for all residents of Congressional District 2.  I'm proud to endorse Clint Koble for Congress!”