Clint Koble for Congress

About Clint

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

About Clint


Clint Koble is the grandson of immigrants who homesteaded in North Dakota. His large family worked long, hard days in search of a better life. Thanks to his parents, Clint learned the values of family, hard work and integrity.

Clint and his siblings wore hand-me-down clothes, attended a two-room country school and had to either raise their food or hunt for it. With little money the family of blue-collar Democrats had to count its pennies, and taught their children the value of a dollar. The first in his family to graduate with a university degree, Clint moved to Nevada in 1985.

Having lived and worked in rural Nevada for decades, Clint has developed a keen understanding of issues important to Nevadans cross the state. This work included serving as Executive Director of the Nevada Rural Development Council (NRDC), where he helped many rural towns complete strategic plans. Clint also served part-time for the Nevada Small Business Development Center (SBDC), helping small businesses all across the state grow and flourish. Clint remains with SBDC as its rural business adviser, working to create jobs throughout rural Nevada.

Most notably, Clint was appointed by President Obama as State Executive Director of the U. S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency (FSA), a position he held for nearly 8 years. During his tenure, Clint aided many farmers and ranchers in surviving one of the worst droughts in Nevada's history. Through hard work and constant outreach, Clint increased Native American participation in USDA programs, and worked closely with tribal governments.

Clint plans to take his years of experience and the views of Nevada's diverse population with him to Washington.